Wedding Cakes

wedding cakeThe following flavors and fillings are the most popular, but do not hesitate to ask for your favorite flavor!

Cake Flavors:
Chocolate, Yellow, White, Lemon, Orange, Banana, Marble Fudge, Pound Cake, Strawberry, French Vanilla, Red Velvet, Almond, Mocha Chocolate*, Flourless Chocolate*, Atomic*, Carrot Cake*, and Cheese Cake*

Strawberry Pie, Chocolate Mousse, Bavarian Cream, Pineapple, Lemon, Cherry, Raspberry, Fudge, Creme Brulee, Raspberry Mousse, Strawberry Mousse, White Chocolate Mousse, Dark Ganache Truffle, Hazel Nut (with or without nuts) Chocolate Hazelnut (with or without nuts), Fresh Strawberry* and Fresh Banana*

Butter Cream, Special Blend (It tastes like whip cream, but can sit out at room temperature like butter cream, without spoiling), Chocolate Butter Cream, Chocolate Special Blend, Fondant and Chocolate Fondant

For our bridal cakes, the top tier (first anniversary cake) is free of charge (for weddings over 100).  We also offer a wide assortment of cake tops.  If you purchase a tiered cake from us, the topper is discounted 20%.  For cakes that require a stand, there is a deposit that needs to be made and will be refunded to you when the stand is returned.  Please be sure the stand and/or pillars are returned within one week after the wedding and are cleaned to get your full deposit refunded.

Your consultants, Karen and Tammy, are here to answer any of your questions. Please call 219-838-2310 for more information.

*Denotes Extra Charge